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route-11. Sani – Sani Bird Sanctuary – Sani

This route begins from Stavronikita tower, in Sani area, it passes through Nea Fokea’s forest and wetland and ends to Stavronikita tower (2 and a half hour, altitude 22 meters)

An easy walk through the woods, which skirt the long and beautiful, Sani beach, with views across the wetlands of the Sani Bird Sanctuary (2h. 30m.)

The hill of the tower of Stavronikita lies immediately to the west of the Sani Beach Holiday Resort.

In the time of the Ancient Creeks there were two cities in the area. Sani, the most important, developed from the prehistoric settlement in the area of the tower. The old city of Sani now lies under the sea.

A bird sanctuary has been created in If the wetlands to the east of the woodlands which skirt Sani Beach and a colony of turtles live in a small pond adjacent to the gates of the agricultural prison; which lies to the east of the wetlands. Tortoises are often seen in the woods.

route-22. Sani – Siviri

This route begins from Sani area and more precisely from Porto Sani Village and it ends at Siviri. You will love the scenery view and the walk in the forest. (organized return, 20 km, altitude until 60 meters).

This walk can be started from either end but the description here is from Porto Sani Village to Siviri. It will be necessary to organize transport for your return, unless you intend to retrace your Steps (20km).

The path follows a well-marked woodland path, which meanders along the cliff tops between Sani Beach Holiday Resort and Siviri ; Sani Camping is passed, half way between Sani Beach Holiday Resort and Siviri.

People wishing a shorter walk could finish at Sani Camping. Because of the nature of the path, care must be taken, particularly with people who may suffer from vertigo, very young children and dogs.

Lizards, birds and butterflies abound in these shady woods, depending on the season. This is one of the most beautiful walks in Halkidiki and should not be missed.

route-33. Possidi – Pinewoods – Possidi

From Posidi beach to Kalandra and then again to the beach this route is easy but very beautiful. (2 hours, altitude 80 meters)

An easy, circular, ridge walk in the pinewoods above the Possidi beach, which provides beautiful views of the coast as well as the olive grove, covered valley Inland, towards Kalandra. The path follows forest tracks for most of the way.

Time needed: 2 hours.

The start and finish of the walk is from the coast road 300m south of the Possidi Holidays Hotel. There is ample parking on open ground just past the hotel, if the road at the Start is too busy to park there.

14th Century documents in Mt Athos mention Possidi, but as the name relates to the worship of Poseidon, the god of the sea, it was probably named in much earlier times.

route-44. Polyhrono – Turtles – Polyhrono

This walk takes one up into the hills behind Polyhrono to visit a pond in the woods where turtles are found (Mavrobara lake). The path follows broad forest tracks, passing through a high valley, surrounded by sandstone cliffs and pine forest. The return path, gives many fine views of the sea and coast as it gradually descends, through the trees, to Polyhrono.

These pinewoods contain many large trees, often reaching up towards the light from the bottoms of deep gorges, which are covered with dense undergrowth. This provides a fine habitat for birds, small mammals and insects. Tortoises and lizards are often encountered as well as the turtles. Depending on the season, the more open ground can be a mass of color, with its flowers, shrubs and butterflies.

The path Starts about 300m past the traffic lights in Polyhrono, just opposite a small supermarket.

route-5 5. Kriopigi – Kassandrino – Kriopigi

This walk, which is quite long, takes one via forest tracks to the beautiful little village of Kassandrino , hidden away in the hills of Kassandra. This unspoilt Creek village is a delight to visit. The return path to Kryopighi also uses forest tracks that take one through the more remote parts of this peninsula.

The walk begins beside the church in Kryopighi. On entering the village from the north turn right into the old village immediately after passing under the second set of flashing amber traffic Signals.

From the church take the concrete road that leads southwest, up towards the woods. This zig zags up the hill, past houses, eventually becoming an unmade access road. From here, looking back there is a good view of the sea across to Kelyfos Island and Sithonia beyond. In 300m a junction is reached.

route-66. Hanioti – Fire Tower – Hanioti

This path takes one from Hanioti on the east coast of Kassandra up onto the long ridge, which is the backbone of the peninsula. It then follows this ridge north to the fire lookout tower, situated at one of the highest points on the ridge, before descending again to Hanioti.

The climb follows goat tracks up a minor ridge from Hanioti to reach the main ridge, which gives expansive views in all directions of the surrounding terrain. A wide forest track is followed along the middle section revealing fine views of Skioni and the western coastline and, on the descent to Hanioti, the eastern coast lies before us

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