A quality of the local gastronomy, not usually met in Greek provinces, is the variety of ingredients and recipes; a bridge and meeting point of island, alpine and Asian Minor knowledge and experience regarding the cultivation, gathering and finally cooking of the exceptional raw materials.

(grain, vegetables, olives, olive oil, honey, husbandry, cheesemaking, fish, shellfish, as well as many wild greens, mushrooms and hunt goods)


Exceptional dishes:

  • Pie with wild greens and spinach (hortopita)
  • Pie with trahanas from goat (trahanopita)
  • Pork sausage with orange and leek
  • Dolmadakiayalantzi (grapevine leaves stuffed with rice)
  • Chicken stuffed with trahanas
  • Eastern goat from Kassandreia (dill, fresh onions, sour plums and rice)

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